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Thursday, March 27, 2008


"attaining positions of power and leadership."

I'd venture to say that the reason so many women responded positively to my post is that exact point: attaining positions of power and leadership seems to be the ONLY mission of the current feminist movement in the USA. Fact is that the majority of women will never stop being MOTHERS and most but a few are middle class, working class, poor, or retired. To the average woman, attaining a position of power is irrelevant. A young mother of two has other worries. Daycare costs, health care, job security, education costs, etc. It's economics, stupid! That is the exact reason why I mentioned the awesome accomplishments of the women's movement in Germany.

The feminists who are hellbent on 'attaining positions of power and leadership' give a rat's ass about the single working mom, the young married mom with two kids who has to work, the retired grandmother who has to decide between medication and power, because she gets only a few dollars of retirement because her years at home, rearing children, is not counted as a 'job'. So we average women, mothers, are told by the feminists that we have to support their quest for power, while they spit on us? HELL NO!

It's an accomplishment that we can file for divorce, but economics make it almost impossible for many to do it, and this is where the feminists have failed miserably. It's not just about 'equal pay', it's about recognition and honoring the 24/7 JOB a mother does. Where are the feminists when a woman is pregnant, has complications and can't work? She loses income which results in anxiety and an increased risk of premature labor! Does that matter to feminists? I don't see it.

It's pretty simple: Feminism today in the USA is a movement of women who think they are the better male and thus are completely focused on beating men, 'attaining positions of power and leadership' and thus the support for the ERA, which will force young women (millions of mothers) into the military service. What feminists seem to forget is the price the children of those women would have to pay for that bullshit 'equality'. And there is the difference: womanhood is the nurturer, feminism is the wannabe male.

My contention is that if US feminism had focused on improving living and working conditions for ALL women, the support would be broader and the quest for positions of power would have been not only more successful, but would have put women who really are nurturers into positions of power so that this society could move from a war society to a peace society.

And so we see that the only women Hillary can really attract today, are the die-hard feminists and baby boomer feminists who are still stuck in the 1960's and 1970s while the modern WOMEN of today, young, professional and mothers, support Obama. Why? Because it's about our lives, our children, our quality of life, not about 'attaining positions of power.'


Carmen_ said...

Great points! I agree whole heartedly. They're out of touch with women yet they say they advocate for women's rights. It's disingenuous. Especially since their concerns don't reflect those of the common American woman.

WFG said...

These posts just make me think of phrases like 'the times, they are a-changin'' and 'this aint you mother's feminism.

Tosca said...

you got it, wfg!

Anonymous said...

Feminism the radical notion females are human.

This is what a feminist looks like

cut and paste it.