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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


If you see this woman who goes by the name of sillyfandango, don't let that sweet southern drawl fool you. This woman is dangerous and has a particular dislike of Moooslims.

Will the regular chatters in Mainstream Politics ever forget the shock of hearing the newest Admin in the room, sillyfandango, screaming into the mic "torture is ok!" and, "any Iraqi who kills an American soldier deserves to be dragged onto the street with his whole family and cut to pieces" What the fuck do they put into that Moonshine south of the Mason-Dixon?

It took every ounce of self control I could muster to let this lunatic finish her rant, which broke every Paltalk Term of Service in the space of the 7 minutes she hogged the mic, leaving people in the room pole-axed with disbelief. Buddy was next to take the mic and I was about to send an IM to that crazy bitch, when she strung at the mic again, knocking a 6'4" ex USMC on his arse. sillyfandango, who would be better named Miss Abu Ghraib 2008, was not done with listing the people she wanted to see DIEEEE! and the gory ways in which she would be happy to extract the entails.

It would appear that a short time before midnight, some fool fed this 'thing' which turned from a sweet southern belle who briefly entertained us, and particularly impressed Buddy Romance with a fine set of vocal cords, into a flesh eating creature, dripping with blood and saliva after a fresh kill. I was powerless to bounce this menace from the room, but demonstrated that her views were not supported by engaging in a pie throwing contest, using red dots. Not wanting to continue the floor show which was egged on by WorthyofUrAttn, a regular chatter to the room and all the bottom feeders who love to hate Voo, but still come to his room, I left.

The only way to stop this nut case short of shooting her was to close the room, which Pepsiman_CR did. One could not have put enough money on a bet that some scumbag was trying to get a RED Admin, who would have shut down the room. Well done Worthyof , thank you for being loyal to the room and to Voo, I won't forget your kindness and with buddies like you Voo will never need enemas.

I tell you dear Rattlers, having spent sometime in the Aussie outback I don't have a weak constitution, but I was more than a little pleased to have 17 K of deep blue ocean between myself and this visitor from another galaxy. And to think you guys fret over a few million illegal Mexicans!

Voo was placed into the stocks by the room regulars and pelted with rotten fruit. He took his beating like a man for having thought that the room would need the kind of drama this lunatic could provide. We already have Miss Worthy, of no one's attention. Who on her good days, when PMS, or that ache in her 'nether regions' has been dealt with and she appears to act less like a bitch in heat and more like a human being, she can even make the odd contribution to the chat.

As for the numerous 'ANONYMOUS' comments we see around the place,s don't you get it? People are not interested in what cowards have to say. One thing that can never be said of Lord Voo, or myself we are not cowards , if we have something to say we say it to your face.


bigmac_2008 said...

"One thing that can never be said of Lord Voo, or myself we are not cowards "

stop sucking up to lordvoo you cunt.

AUNTY KATE said...

BIGMAC...I have noted that you did not contradict the statement.