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Thursday, March 20, 2008


This is an artist impression of PEMULWUY, a warrior of the Bidjigal (Bediagal) clan of the Eora people. Pemulwuy waged a war against the British invaders between 1790 and 1802. He was shot, captured and escaped three times, before he was fatally wounded in 1802. His head was severed, preserved in spirits and sent to London to Sir Joseph Banks accompanied by a letter from Governor King who wrote: "Although a terrible pest to the colony, he was a brave and independent character."

Bigmac_2008.....Clearly missed the part of my history lesson to young CHUMP where the Eora people saved the lives of the First Fleet to arrive. There were sufficient numbers of the FIT, BRAVE Eora people to have massacred the half dead people that made up the First Fleet, even taking into account the Muskets of the invaders. There is no saying how long it would have taken for another batch of invaders to land on our fair shores, wipe out an entire nation of people, introduce alcohol, turn Manly Beach into a sewer, and spread syphilis.

Sydney, Australia has been voted the most beautiful city in the world to visit, three years in a row. This is not hard to understand. The beauty of its harbour, the warmth of its people, and vibrant cultural diversity would be some of the reasons for this accolade. This is the result of immigration from all over the world after the lifting of the WHITE AUSTRALIA POLICY that restricted people of COLOUR from entering what IS essentially a BROWN land. What the tourists don't see and what is not apparent in the aerial photograph of Sydney posted by BigMac are the thousands of homeless people living on the streets. When the invaders came there was no homelessness or poverty, there was KANYINI, a connectedness to all things, living in harmony with one another. Paradise if you like. A glorious island in the sun, with caring, loving, warm people who welcomed the strange people with open arms.

Australian Aboriginal people have had many WHITE FRIENDS. In colonial Australia, Lt. Dawes in particular. Lt. Dawes, a man with a sound classical education who came with Capt. Philip on the HMS Sirius was sent back to England for refusing to apologize to Capt. Phillip for his scathing criticism of a punitive 'hunt' against the Aboriginal people. Lt. Dawes took with him the masterly grammar of Aboriginal languages, which gathered paradigms of verbs and sample sentences with remarkable attention to phonetic detail. For over two hundred years these notes gathered dust in the London library, until another white man, Dr. R.M.W. Dixon a Professor of Linguistics at the Australian National University came across them in 1972. Lt. Dawes' notes became the Rosetta Stone for reconstructing the long extinct language of the Eora people of Sydney.

I could present an extensive list of other WHITE Australians from colonial times right up to Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, who have recognized the proud, rich culture of my people and helped to give us a 'Fair Go.' I could also give you a list of WHITE people who, like BIGMAC were fearful of BLACK people, and would shoot on sight a black man, woman or child. It didn't matter to them, and it wouldn't matter to people like BIGMAC.

It is not just his language that is vile, it is knowing that with people like BIGMAC, the hatred would not stop with the language he uses.

But I take heart that in my country the racist filth like BigMac are a dying breed. Yes, we still have individual racism in Australia, as evidenced with Burnieknee, Champ, ALFIE-00 and High Falutin24 on paltalk. But today it is behind closed doors and not overt as it was for 220 years. In my country if BigMac was to speak in public as he does on Paltalk he'd be arrested under the racial vilification laws. In his county England, there would still be a few low pubs that would entertain him, especially if he fell into the boozer where Cyndy_UK or nonac_1980 prop up a bar, but all decent Brits today distance themselves from racist filth like him.

To you Bigmac, and any like you I say:

"Ga daiy gubba moomba! Diyin du jadi dugurang"

Translated means:

"Stick it up your arse, whitefella prick! This woman will continue to speak loud and strong."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Only 274 words short of one thousand....

Try Harder next time

bigmac_2008 said...


Anonymous said...

god dam claus,, this bitch is fucking up your blog just like she fucks up rooms on paltalk. endless meaningless babble that clutters up your page.
her shit looks like livids crap.
huge storys that say nothing.
claus,, you need to thin the herd a bit.


AUNTY KATE said...

BigMac, is a small spelling mistake not picked up by the editor is ALL you have left, time for your medication and bye byes dear.

SLINK: I have had so many IM's and emails from people who are really enjoying this Blog. You keep coming back for more so it is getting you in ***winks*** Check the comments on the blogs posted Slink, mine are attracting more comments, that suggests readership, for better or for worse, it is just a blog. Care to get involved beyond your usual neo-con belly aching?

bigmac_2008 said...

hahaha auntycunt has had to correct her spelling. imagine how illiterate she would look if the dumb cunt never had spell checker.

Anonymous said...

"Stick it up your arse, whitefella prick! This woman will continue to speak loud and strong."

Kate, mate, wonderful writings!

Anonymous said...

so Link are you saying you agree with all of bigmac's racist bullshit? I am just checking.

Anonymous said...

Kate is one of the biggest racist on Pal that why people find her tedious and boring. She only has one subject and we all kow what that is. Kate please do us all a favour and find a job your shack needs a new paint job. How anyone could live in a hovel like that god only knows. Maybe if you spend less time on pal and doing something more frutful with your life and get a wash. You look so bloody dirty on cam,layers of makeup. Try soap it works wonders.

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