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Saturday, March 08, 2008


It seems that Hillary Clinton has been claiming at least partial responsibility for the peace pact in Northern Ireland, a claim that Lord Trimble of Lisnagarvey described as “a wee bit silly.” He doesn’t seem to remember Hillary playing any role in the lengthy negotiations that led to the Good Friday Agreement. But, apparently, Hillary has vivid memories of her efforts to bring the warring parties together for peace talks. She has even given a detailed account of a meeting she supposedly arranged between Protestants and Catholics at the town hall in Belfast – one that there is no record of, and no one else can remember.

The only “meeting” David Trimble recalls is a dinner party Hillary attended with the women of Belfast. They know she was there because she posed for a picture in front of a table that held the stainless steel teapot she liked so well. Funny that the former First Lady’s recollections of an historic peace treaty differ so drastically from those of the negotiating parties. But Hillary is said to be an unusually intelligent woman. That may explain why she remembers so much more about those tumultuous years than the others do. Then again it causes one to wonder why she cannot remember directing someone in her campaign to alleviate Canada’s concerns about her current stance on NAFTA – a reminder that her claims of foreign policy experience should be taken with a grain of salt. And, if you frequent Debate Central, you're undoubtedly wondering how her blind and faithful follower, bigmac_2008, will try to wiggle out of this one.


bigmac_2008 said...

First of all...... David Trimble is a right-wing asshole and the Daily Telegraph (which is called the 'tory-graph' in the U.K) is a right wing piece of shit newspaper. Americans should be very wary of anything that is published in either the Tory-Graph, the London Times (Murdoch), the Sun (Murdoch) or the Daily Mail (Murdoch). These are all right wing rags and the Daily Mail is the worst. However, Guardian Unlimited is a fine newspaper.

Anyway, heres what John Hume, founder of the Social Democratic and Labour Party in northern Ireland had to say...

Remember, John Hume is an architect of the Good Friday Agreement. He is also the only person to win the Nobel Prize for Peace, the Ghandi Peace Award and the Martin Luther King Peace Prize.

He says the following:

“I am quite surprised that anyone would suggest that Hillary Clinton did not perform important foreign policy work as First Lady. I can state from firsthand experience that she played a positive role for over a decade in helping to bring peace to Northern Ireland.

She visited Northern Ireland, met with very many people and gave very decisive support to the peace process. There is no doubt that the people of Northern Ireland think very positively of Hillary Clinton’s support for our peace process, due to her visits to Northern Ireland and her meetings with so many people. In private she made countless calls and contacts, speaking to leaders and opinion makers on all sides, urging them to keep moving forward.

Anyone criticizing her foreign policy involvement should look at her very active and positive approach to Northern Ireland and speak with the people of Northern Ireland who have the highest regard for her and are very grateful for her very active support for our peace process.”

Wait, what was that again ?

"gave very decisive support to the peace process."



Jesus Claus said...

Wow, Carmen, bigmac seems to have some facts on his side. What say you?