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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


For most of us, Paltalk is a way to relax, a way to chat to friends, a way to switch off from the real world and day-to-day crap that we have to deal with.

It appears for some Paltalk is exactly the DAY-to-DAY that "normal" people escape from!!

For the last 2 + years the 911 Was Inside Job for nwo Agenda Room was run by 2 or more assclowns who have tried to be there 24-7. Day in Day out Bouncing more people in and out, up and down than a $5 special whorehouse. Even going to the extent of hatting up Fascists, and satanists. or some deluded clowns calling everyone who disagrees "Nephilim-in-Disguise," all in the guise of 9-11 truth. (*or so they preach)

It seems when Admins push themselves beyond the call of duty to be there for a room every day for as many hours as they possibly can..... These people develop more than one extreme personal problem. Severe psychological dysfunction, reality disassociation syndrome, a general hatred for the average person and a propensity to stack on unwanted kilos and unsightly LARD, (leading to ballooning Obesity) for example.

Here's a little GEM a friend of mine from Bundaberg, Queensland, called "Bush_The_Knob_GOBBLER" posted for me on another website. I thought it pertinent to make sure folk are aware that 24-7 Adminning may cause over-average under-arm FAT to appear. maybe even unsightly Obesity problems.
Just a quick fix in the post section under paltalk nickname might help, or will it? Those who fail to take daily walks will drown in their own "over-weight problems" that only quick-fix surgery and liposuction can assist with.

Some people like natasha007x for example have more fat cells than brain cells it seems. Or as this post shows.... People who started with more under-arm fat than they care to have should not sit on their computers all day and night if they wish to lose it.
LOL> There is only So much surgery and fat-sucking-procedures can do for someone who is too fat and too lazy to help themself.


bigmac_2008 said...

The internet is more real than "real" life. Because on the internet people more often say what they really think.

WFG said...

Seems more like speaking before thinking, usually not something that leads to good results

Anonymous said...

shocking video of aunty kate and magmun potent

AUNTY KATE said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..anonymous 11:58

I loved it! But I think someone is just a tad obsessed with Aunty Kate to go to so much trouble.

Aunty Kate.

But you did do my body some justice ty ***winks***

Jesus Claus said...

I think bigmac has a good point. The pseudonymity of the internet lets people reveal their inner sociopath. I can't tell you how many conservatives on paltalk are, by their own admission, gleefully savage, inhuman monsters, who care nothing for the suffering of the less fortunate, who believe in social darwinism of the worst kind. Now, whether they are showing their true colors or playacting for a stage, who knows, probably a little of both.