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Saturday, March 29, 2008


NA, F. Ultra-sexy conservative, 50+, former nun/lap dancer with mixed motives and quirky speech pattern seeks mature man with 8 inch uncircumcized "no-no" and a good retirement plan. Anti-Bush suitors need not apply. Smokers OK. Prefers Catholic. Must be willing to split trailer payment. Eats only soft foods. Bathes monthly. Marriage possible after 10 day trial period. Enjoys anal sex. Paltalk enthusiast.


Carmen_ said...

Too funny

Tosca said...

1.Experimentation with food processor in making suckable foods
2.Walmart kiddy cart racing ( success varies because ass doesn't always fit)
3.Current world champion in sewage tank denture recovery diving, 4.Language minimalism advocate (4 yr olds are my standard)

Religion: depends on estrogen levels. Usually catholic with occasional episodes of semi-muslim tendencies. (My nice doctor says it's treatable with those purple pills)

Career: life-long successful government leech, currently seeking a position as holy franciscan lap dancer (waiting for reply from the Vatican)

wax said...

hehehehe tosca.. brilliant!

AUNTY KATE said...

I am sure this blog was meant to be amusing, as indeed some have found it to be so. As an indigenous person I am appalled to see a photograph of what appears to be an elder of a band from North American, who may at this time even be deceased.

I find this kind of disrespect of other people's culture is repugnant ,especially when it is intended to ridicule an Native woman in a chat room.

Some of you sick bastards know no limits. It is no wonder your country is a fucking mess, and you end up with leaders like George Bush, I hope you get the bastard you deserve next time around.

Anonymous said...

well, Kate, per usual, you're full of shit. No one but you believes you to be indigenous to any land other than Asslandia.
It must have been nice looking so white while you were growing up. Never once having been mistaken for an Aboriginal.

Anonymous said...

I think it is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. Well done. Did she REALLY leave her teeth in WalMart?
Luna Bananathong (Princess)