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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Anyone with any sense would NEVER give a woman on paltalk a hat. All my problems with paltalk admins have been caused by women except one (I'll come to the exception in a minute).
Most of the women on here are not here for political chat, they are here for social reasons, most of them haven't got a clue about politics, and they don't care about political debate, they are here to gossip, socialize, look for a man and to be an 'admin' or'owner'. DommieGoddess is a classic example! What the fuck does DOMMIE know about politics? NOTHING. She was ONLY on here so she could be an 'owner' and have idiots suck up to her, and she could hand out favors and hats to her favorite suck ups. abby _1312 and LittleBitNotAlot are exactly the same way, they never even TALK about politics, they simply look for excuses to dot and bounce people, and I am usually on the target list. They HAVE to dot and bounce people because that is ALL they are here for, they don't care about the debate. auntykate_1 is another tyrannical admin dotting people left and right and bouncing for no good reason.

There is no reason to bounce anyone ever, but they do it on a whim, excluding that person from the room for whole 24 hours, which is insane. Carmen_ bounced me with no warning whatsoever for typing the word "snigger", thats what happens when you give a dumb cunt like carmen with no vocabulary a hat. I can not think of a SINGLE decent female admin, they all suck. calliekittyinator_3 has bounced me nothing, so has leilani_helepololei2003, so has Shooterz. ALL FEMALE ADMINS ARE SHIT. However I have also had a problem with tucherb who is a fucking retard admin. He is totally overzealous and will dot and bounce for next to nothing, I think he is probably mentally fucked up.

The BEST ADMIN on the whole of paltalk (apart from me) is S_LINK90, but the problem with slink is, he hands out hats to complete retards, like 'Thatguy', abby_1312 and Littlebit, which is absolutely idiotic, and they are ruining his room. He should give a hat to ME. I am the best admin ever, as anyone who used to come in my old room will testify. Let me emphasize that I do not want a hat to be an 'admin' I only want a hat so that I cant be fucked with by other retarded admins. But people don't want to give me a hat because they don't 'like' me. Needless to say I am not on paltalk to be liked, half the fun of paltalk is to be able to say what you really think, if I wanted to be 'liked' there would be no point in coming on. This is why women get hats, because their GOAL is to be 'liked' and get a hat, they don't give a fuck about the content of the conversations. Nevertheless it still mystifies me why the biggest retards get hats!? Anyway, THANK FUCK the tyranny of DommieGoddess is over and LordMercifulVoo is running things, but he did make a big mistake giving auntyhate a hat.


WFG said...

I thought there was supposed to be an acceptable female admin in your list.

bigmac_2008 said...

you didnt read it properly, i said all my problems were caused by females except one.. the exception was tucherb who is a male, and i mention him in the post.

Jesus Claus said...

wow, bigmac, tell us how you really feel ;)


FacetiousMuse said...

Hey bigmac you forgot about me, I mean I am admin in most if not all those rooms you mentioned, female and I do talk about politics. Hmmm and I can't remember a single time I even red dotted you no less bounce you, can we say pussy envy?


bigmac_2008 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FacetiousMuse said...

bigmac is too stupid to know what everyone else on paltalk knows? Hey guys do you all want to tell bigmac who I am? ROTFLMAO

bigmac I take it deductive reasoning is not a strong point for you is it? Ok Bigmac you can either wait for someone here to tell you who I am or you can look at past postings or hell I can tell you, it isnt like it is a big secret.

Try Mystic Sea Maiden bigmac, I dont think you realize how much of an idiot you made of yourself saying I'm too cowardly to reveal myself. Bigmac ask around see if there is anyone that didnt know facetiousmuse and Mystic Sea Maiden are one and the same lol.

Now tell me bigmac when did I ever dot you or bounce you?

Oh I love this

bigmac_2008 said...

Mystic Sea Maiden ?

Never heard of you.

do you use paltalk ?

FacetiousMuse said...

lmao bigmc maybe because you only want to whine about women you are saying who am I lol good try darling lmao

FacetiousMuse said...

aww bigmac you were so embarrassed that you had to remove your comment saying and I quote "facetious muse too cowardly to reveal herself"


Anonymous said...

Dont know Bigmac, but from my personal experience, women are AWFUL admins, just look at SueNH politics lobby 4. WHAT A MESS. She is the WORST ADMIN on the planet earth. May she get a bad case of fleas ticks and worms. Men keep rooms open, women do what they ALWAYS DO: DIVIDE and SUBTRACT. LONG LIVE MEN! :)


Jesus Claus said...

Tell us more about what SueNH does. I'm usually bounced on sight from Politics Lobby 4, so I never get to see how it is adminned.


IsabellaSays said...

now just hold on a minute bigmac

look you little weasel, i don't think i ever dotted or bounced ANYONE !!
HOW DARE YOU??!!?? (is my makeup ok?)
(fluffs hair and straightens admin hat)

Anonymous said...

well it's 5AM and the ole cheeseburger got kicked out the room. and one them shitty admins did it too. har har har

FacetiousMuse said...

Hell maybe bigmac just wanting to be control by women so he writes this silly posting to get the powerful, strong women to tell him what he should do. smh

susan said...

Well i have to get my two cents in here
Bigmac it seems to me you are very biased again females and them not making good administrators-- because that not true

Slink has a few lady hats and they are very fair to all and very sweet and enforce TOS rules..

Thats all i will say about this subject