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Friday, March 28, 2008


Waiting_for_Godot (left) and Saint Casey of NY (right)
in front of the Denver Police Department where the
Billary Three are being held.

It has been confirmed that bigmac_2008, hillarypaul2008, and KermieLegs were all arrested this morning in front of the building where the super delegates of the Democratic Party were having a meeting. Saint Casey, who was transported by ambulance to the Men's Urology Clinic of Denver, was treated and released. He is shown above standing in front of the Denver Police Department where, earlier today, sparks from a pile of burning bras ignited the plastic in his penile implant. It is not yet clear why his penis was exposed, but it is believed that he was trying to put out the fire. The implant was successfully removed, and, a few hours later, Saint Casey joined his comrades in front of the building where the Billary Three are being held.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha carmen funny post. I wonder if KermieLegs and Bigmac are related? They both seem to think simply screaming "i am right" and "you are a moron" makes them correct.It has been so amusing to watch kermie twist in the wind in mainstream trying to spew her anti obama garbage and get proven wrong time and again. The best part is in the line of a true mental case kermie cannot even see when she is wrong, instead she will say "no one in here understands politics" (true sign of insanity) the whole room is wrong but kermie is right and she really believes this. Bigmac does the same thing but bigmac can at least realize he was wrong he just wont admit it. Whereas KermieLegs lacks the mental capacity to realize she is wrong, and belives that condescending to others proves she is right.When in fact all it does it show what a moron she actually is. If kermie is telling the truth about her so called 'degrees' (which i doubt) she is the best example of 'educated beyond intelligence' I have ever witnessed. A perfect example of this is NAFTA kermie claims that obama supported nafta and hillary did not. Anyone who can read knows this is utter nonsense. But in kermies mind if she says that followed by "you are a moron" that proves her case.
And you can see obama's lead is making her and bigmac go nuts. I dont think kermie has logged off in 3 days straight now and the whole time has been spent trying to convince people hillary is more of a liberal than obama when all facts point to the opposite being true.
hahahahhahhaha good one!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very ammusing post after seeing the 3 of them in action I can say st. casey is a closet racist plain and simple. Bigmac is a just a moron living in leeds uk that likes to argue american politics and has some odd obsession with hillary. KermieLegs is either A. brain damaged or B.paid to back hillary. There is no other way to describe the outright lies she tells, second only to hillary herself.
I also have to agree with the previous poster on Kermielegs horrible condescending attitude which she thinks makes her look smart when in fact it simply exposes what she really is, an idiot with a highly inflated sense of self importance. I have also noticed that "you are a moron" is her default proof for any debate.
I actually feel kind of sorry for kermielegs that poor woman must have very low self esteem that is most often the case with people who try to fancy themselves elite on internet chat and make themselves feel right by dismissing anyone who dares disagree with them as obviously mentally deficient. It is a coping mechanism for people like Kermielegs. So go easy on her she likely has deep seeded issues that need to be worked through so she can be a normal civil human being.
Btw if you were to google that nic you would see part of the reason i think on myspace. It is obviously compensation.

Carmen_ said...

I must say that KermieLegs is a very intelligent and sensitive person. I don't know what her thing is with Hillary Clinton but I suspect she'll come around one day. If she doesn't well hell none of us are perfect.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kermielegs is racist, that is why she won't support obama.

Anonymous said...

Casey has endorsed Obama.

wrong Casey
Sen. Casey endorses Obama

PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - U.S. Sen. Robert Casey of Pennsylvania on Friday endorsed Barack Obama's campaign for the Democratic nomination for president in a boost for the Illinois senator.

Arbuckle Doc said...

Folks, I heard, that it's REALLY the UFO Aliens, who are pulling ALL the strings!!! ~ I heard it on PalTalk, so it MUST be so!!! ~ LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Carmen I think you have confused a moderate speaking ability, snotty attitude and a small amount of memorizing with intelligence KermieLegs is far from intelligent Just check her bullshit and you will find most of the time it is skewed at best is not flat out wrong. Kermie speaks with confidence which makes he appear to know what she is talking about but in reality that is just ego. I would bet kermie came from a well to do family who supported her,and had a decent upbringing and probably a half decent education. However no amount of education can improve ones basic level of intelligence.Which Kermie proves daily. So carms listen to her carefully check her "facts" and you will see with ease that you are way smarter than kermielegs just like most of paltalk is.

Anonymous said...

I reckon these two blocks just might be the most grotesque human beings I have ever seen. They MUST be American

Luna (Princess)