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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I think I have family from Hungaria...

Just heard Classicmfree on the mic, trying to insult XN-TricK:

Classicmfree (on mic): "Go back to Communist Hungaria."

Gee, Classic, where exactly is Hungaria? Is that slightly southwest of Austrolonia? Oh, wait, isn't it right near Czechoslovania? Maybe it's around Lithuwexia...I just can't seem to find it on this map...



AUNTY KATE said...

JC: It comes as no surprise that many Americans have no clues about global geography. Your President visited my country (Australia) last your for the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Conference) and stumbled to the stage and said how pleased he was to be in "Austria for the OPEC meeting."

Anonymous said...

It would be nice of the owner of this pissant blog had a modicum of worldliness, or a scintilla of intellect regarding history and linguistics. HUNGARIA Right around 1000 years ago or so, Hungaria reached a golden zenith, as Stephen the First became the first King, Stephen of Hungaria.

Hungaria is also an insulting term to use to a Hungarian as it’s a Basque reference The recipient of the insult got it, Jesus Claus the uneducated idiot did not. JC cannot compete with the genius of Classicmfree.