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Saturday, March 15, 2008


I normally can't be bothered with petty paltalk 'drama’ and gossip, but I am forced to spell out what happened and address some of the lies that have been told.


auntykate_1 has had personal issues with me for a long time, auntykate is also extremely passionate about racial matters. auntykate says repeatedly in the room that "if I see any racial slurs you will get no warning, you will be out." This kind of admining makes people feel very uncomfortable because it is entirely subject to auntykate’s extremely sensitive interpretation of what a 'racial slur' is. Also, giving NO warning and bouncing instead of dotting is very poor admining and will give the room a bad reputation.


The room was discussing Barack Obama and the effect of race on the democratic contest. I pointed out (among others) that race was a factor, with 86% of the black vote going to Obama as well as his wins in states with high percentages of black voters, this was a point about identification politics.

auntykate got on the mic and became very angry at me, and she bounced hillarypaul2008 from the room (this was accidental, she meant to bounce me, but I mention this to jog peoples' memory) Then auntykate bounced me. I came back in the room using the admin code, then auntykate bounced me again, I came back in, then she bounced me again, and again, and again...

Auntykate bounced me approximately 20 times (even though the room has a no bounce rule). When auntykate discovered that she could not bounce me, she became intensely frustrated and got on the mic and said she was leaving the room. After she was gone the room soon returned to normal conversation, and we were discussing why Republicans can't defend John McCain's domestic policies (I mention this to jog peoples' memory).

We continued talking for about 20 minutes and it was during this time that auntykate set up her own room, and I am told during this time she also tried to remove me from the admin list, but I cannot confirm this. About 20 minutes passed and auntykate came back in the room angrier than ever. She got on the mic in the middle of the political discussion and starting shouting, then she said on the mic, "the only way to solve this, is to do this!" and then the room was closed.

There was absolutely no need to close the room, the room was running fine and at least two other admins were present, including Jewel 41 and daniel_england_00, both of whom should confirm my version of events.


There have probably been many lies spread about what occurred by people who hate me or by allies of auntykate or by impostors, I am surely not aware of them all, so I will merely try to address those I am aware of. The following is a short list of lies that I am aware of.

LIE: that I sent an IM to auntykate calling her an "anti-american abo cunt" - auntykate has completely made this up.

LIE: that I tried to bounce auntykate - auntykate made this up entirely.

LIE: that I was "running amok" and aunty was forced to close the room to "save it."

LIES: aunty posts "I did NOT lose my cool and close the room. I left the room, and let Big Mac have at it hoping with me gone he may settle, I seem to get him over excited. When I realised this I opened my room. I was getting constant IM;s about the havoc Big Mac was creating. So I got my hat and went back to Voo's room. At the mic I asked BIG MAC to leave, and was told 'fuck off you Abo cunt" It was then that I closed the room."

Anyone who witnessed what happened knows that this account of events is laughable. The only person who was "over excited" was auntykate. Anyone who was in the room knew that I was not causing any "havoc" whatsoever, and in fact we had moved on to political topics and we were discussing why no Republicans ever defend John McCain's domestic policies. And I NEVER posted "fuck off you Abo cunt" in text, nor sent it in IM, nor said it in voice as anyone there witnessed. auntykate closed the room because she was intensely frustrated that she could not bounce me for no reason in her normal tyrannical way. There were other admins in the room at the time, and we were having good conversation, aunty never even announced that she was closing the room, she just did it.


A chatter named a bigger mac_1 has been impersonating me and calling people names. This chatter is NOT me and I would advise banning this chatter from all rooms. In this way we might discover who it is.

Also, no posting on this blog is mine except under this name, do not attribute anonymous postings to me.


Anyone who witnessed what happened knows that my version of events is correct. Allies of auntykate or people who hate me may lie about what happened, but what I have posted is entirely accurate.

I would recommend removing the hat from auntykate, she is tyrannical and makes people feel uncomfortable in the room, the very least that should be done is only allowing her to be a regular admin, which will deny her the ability to close the room. auntykate says herself that she would "do it again."

As for myself, I only ever wanted a hat so that an abusive admin like auntykate could not just bounce me for no reason, and this proved useful in preventing auntykate from bouncing me on the day in question. The only problem was she became so frustrated by her inability to abuse her admin privileges that she just shut the whole room down in anger. auntykate SHOULD NOT have the ability to close a room.


Anonymous said...

bigmac, good for you.
aunty cunt has been the demise of so many rooms its silly.
she has been de-hatted and banned sooner or later from EVERY room she has been in. the fact she came in and closed the room had nothing to do with what she thought you were doing with the room,, it was because hardly anyone followed her to her room and her feelings got hurt.she thought that everyone would go with her.
{mainstream admin}

Jesus Claus said...

I must say, I was there and I agree with bigmac's version of events. I think kate overreacted to a completely normal political point being made by bigmac.


Anonymous said...

Bigmac writes as though he was cool and level headed in the room, this could be no further than the truth. Within minutes of him joining the room as an admin, he was screaming at people, calling them "CUNTS CUNTS CUNTS!". I have seen him lose it before and it's not pretty, a foaming rapid animal would be more approacable. I left the room in disgust, scratching my head wondering exactly what Voo was thinking when he gave bigmac a hat, surely Voo would be more discerning after the sillyfandago fiasco....

I received numerous IMs in the next 15 minutes telling me the room was in chaos. It is my understanding that anty_kate later closed the room to save it descending into a total cess pool, if so I commend that action.
{another mainstream admin}

Anonymous said...

I was there and I know why she bounced you. It's because you were bashing Obama and she didn't like it. But I must say I'm glad to see you were both fired. The room is much nicer now with the Jews in charge.

scrooge 01 said...

I was in the room and can confirm what the phantom blogger said.

Many of Kate's minions like Tung fu and Windy have been lying to Voo about what exactly happened. Tung Fu is Kate's BDSM sex slave this guy is not a source to get the truth from. He was also an admin in Kate's room before/after Voo's room got shut down.

Bigmac was behaving calm and participating in the political discussion whereas Kate was bouncing, jumping the mic, closing the room and basically acting like a child.

It's quite sad that Kate got away with this so easily.
Yet again she managed to manipulate the situation to her own benefit, guess that years of executive experience comes handy in Paltak, huh Kate?

All bow down to Kate ze fuhrer!

IsabellaSays said...

bigmac is right, kate is a control freak
you only have to be in a room once with her admining to know this
good riddance to kate
three cheers for bigmac !!!

Anonymous said...

Bigmac is right on this one I was there too. Kate has an ego you could drive a barge through and is a control freak to boot.