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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Isn't it wonderful all the new blogs being opened over paltalk social issues drama? I've been reading (if you can call it that) the newest blog The Best of Paltalk Drama and I want to clarify some so-called facts mentioned there and other places. This all started a couple of weeks ago when LordMercifulVoo was taking on tommyjohnson44 (now you want to talk about an idiot?) and LittleBitNotAlot decided she had to protect little tommyboy since tommy is such a wuss. LittleBitNotAlot, of course coming in at half-time, thought she had every right to attack a chatter who dared go after her true love, tommyjohnson44. LordMercifulVoo told LittleBitNotAlot to stay out of it & of course with her power-tripping heavy hand she decided to let LordMercifulVoo know who was boss. When he simply defended his rights as a chatter, LittleBitNotAlot threatened LordMercifulVoo with a bounce. He let her know that she could lose her hat as quickly as the next person. She couldn't stand being told that, so she bounced LordMercifulVoo. Unknown to LittleBitNotAlot, LordMercifulVoo still retained his hat in Debate Central and he returned with a hat on (good for him).

When LordMercifulVoo returned to the room, for about one minute he went off on LittleBitNotAlot saying to her things most admins of Debate Central had been wanting to say to her for months. LordMercifulVoo then continued on with the discussion going on in the room. "How dare he," is what abby_1312 must have been thinking and in her great wisdom that belongs to all insane people, abby_1312 decided to step in; never mind that she had only been in the room for 3 minutes. LordMercifulVoo told abby_1312 to mind her own business (in his own nice way). Next thing you know LittleBitNotAlot was telling everyone LordMercifulVoo threatened her. Now I was in the room along with 87 other chatters and not one of us saw him threaten LittleBitNotAlot, unless puncturing her ego is now considered a threat.

LittleBitNotAlot, as reported by S_LINK90, called him with tears in her voice whining that LordMercifulVoo was mean to her (talk about needing thicker skin). At first S_LINK90 did the right thing and told her he wasn't going to get involved as he had no clue what had happened. Now mind you, I said at first S_LINK90 did the right thing, but S_LINK90, always the sneaky asshole, saw an opportunity for him to reopen his room and actually have more than 10 chatters. 2Way, as a side note, used to be DommieGoddess's room. S_LINK90 started rumors galore, which of course the dumbasses added onto as the rumors spread throughout paltalk, with hope that those that did know the facts (and had saved room text) would stay quiet.

Meanwhile abby_1312 was stabbing her best friend Dommie in the back along with 5 other so-called admin friends of Dommie's. LordMercifulVoo, being a gentleman and not liking Dommie getting attacked, shared all the bullshit that S_LINK90, LittleBitNotAlot, lola4_1 and abby_1312 have been saying about Dommie behind her back, heres the audio for that. Seems S_LINK90 was telling everyone that Dommie had a crush on him, as Dommie and tucherb were secretly dating. S_LINK90 called Dommie a pychopathic fat cow, lola4_1 was telling so-called secrets that Dommie told her to S_LINK90, and abby_1312, pissed off at some of the admins Dommie choose to have, also fed the fire. LittleBitNotAlot refused to tell the truth about how she adminned the room when Dommie was gone or how it was her, not LordMercifulVoo, that made the threats. This all was great news for S_LINK90, as he was now seeing room numbers beyond 10 and who could blame him? S_LINK90 was now a somebody, if only on paltalk, unlike in real life.

This tale does continue, like why LordMercifulVoo was banned from Mainstream Politics in Debate Central after he had Dommie's back, how and if auntykate_1 lost her hat or turned it in, why Debate Central is now the smallest room in social issues, not to mention the room text of that historic day paltalk social issues had a melt-down, but before I leave here's a teaser of whats to come,



auntykate_1: Yes, I saw that Mits

LordMercifulVoo on mic: "Little don't think you can't lose your hat."

LittleBitNotAlot: i dont take threats

LordMercifulVoo on mic: "I'm not threatening you, how am I threatening you?"

abby_1312: you are doing that now Voo

Mitsuk: no he has a right to speak his mind

Mitsuk: he was fucking bounced

Mitsuk: he will talk dammit

abby_1312: keep it up voo

Sword of the Amish: who was bounced?



auntykate_1: Voo but you did deserve the right of reply


And this isn't even the juicy stuff, the facts of why LordMercifulVoo was banned. (hint - S_LINK90 knows why: he started them) To be continued....

The Pratttler


msvlj703 said...

I read the blog on the reasons Voo came to once again acquire the ownership of Mainstream politics. I have had the very problems Voo, Kate and others expressed in this blog. I am very pleased with the outcome. I wandered into slincs room one day just to see what it was like and i was attacked by a bunch of racist writing racist comments to me as soon as I attemtped to join the debate by making a comment about Barrack Obama being my candidate of choice. I politely took the mic and commented on their racism. But the leval of ignorance I encountered on that site was amazing. I am so glad Voo has reclaimed his room and has filled it with such qualified Admin as AUNTYKATE. It was great to log on this week to find out LORDVOO had reclaimed his room. I was actualy studying the situation to figure out what could be done. Or trying to figure out how to get the PalTalk Corporation to come up with a plan to insure me I was not spending my money to be attacked because of my race or gender or hear others attacked for like reasons by a few hatemongers. It pleases me greatly to see Voo has his room back. And he has sensible admin who run the room with a fair and just hand. Admin like AUNTYKATE. I am once again enjoying paltalk and I no longer worry about being attacked for who I am

Jesus Claus said...

Voo is definitely the center of his own vortex of personality, but he does generally pick good admins (sillyfandango excepted).

Slink's room is home to people like crabfisherman, LUMINOL, etc and they are well known paltalk racists, so your experience does not surprise me.

I just don't get how Slink thinks that balancing rational political discourse with gutter racism makes him the most "fair and balanced."