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Monday, March 24, 2008


I don't have much to add to this room text. This Tn is a disgusting racist pig, more proud than ashamed of his vile racism. I personally agree with bigmac_2008: The internet is MORE real than real life, because it lets you anonymously display your true personality. And this is the typical right wing hatemonger:

alex jaNes: was it the Africans who told the govt to give blacks syphlis and watch 'em die?
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: lol..alex
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: bawhahwwwwwwwwwww
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: king grab your show shine kit and get on your knees punkass
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: shoe
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: lol
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: boy
Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: king i own you

Just sickening.



AUNTY KATE said...

JC: I agree, the overt racism of the Tn_Pokerstars and the millions like him in the USA does not do your country proud. Of course we may safely presume that TN is the code for Tennessee. Those big ol' white boys in the south just never got over the yankees whippin their arses, and freeing the slaves.

Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: king i own you

If that doesn't say it all. These clowns really do think they are so superior to the black man as to be his 'owner'

Tn_Pokerstars would not have a pot to piss in. He'd be flat out tying his freakin shoe laces without his Momma's supervision. And speaking of Mommas, what kind of white trash raised these cretins? How much inbreeding does it take to end up with a progeny with a single digit IQ?

Alex JaNes is a cretin I have not hat the displeasure of seeing in a chat room, but he is obviously unaware that Syphilis was a white man's poxy disease that killed millions of indigenous people all over the planet. Wherever the white man invaded he raped every female who was breathing. Babies, old ladies it never mattered to his trashing ancestors.

This is the WHITE MAN's history, NOT the black man's. So who are the better and more superior members of the human race here?

Most white men have moved along the evolutionary chart, but not Tn_Pokerman, Alex JaNes, and all the scum we encounter on Paltalk who are just like them.

WFG said...

I think, based on the name, alex jaNes is probably Jane_Bond, or whatever she calls herself. As much as I think Jane's a reprehensible person, assuming that's her, her question may have been in response to something another person said, and might have been meant in a different way than you've interpreted it as, Kate. Hopefully JC can clarify.

Btw, I've removed Paltalk. Good riddance.

WFG said...

Here's, briefly, why I don't like her.

1. She distorts.
2. Labels over minor disagreements.
3. Lies about opinions.
4. Proposes death as the solution to problems, and acts as if she's being righteous.

That means, Israel-Palestine isn't just a matter experience tells us will end with much spilled blood, it's something Jane wants to end with much spilled blood.

So I don't dislike her for her politics, whatever they are, I dislike her because she's a sociopath.

There's a difference between saying I hate America and I want Americans to drown in the sea.

WFG said...

One other thing, Kate, not sure you know this, but Alex Jones is a radio show host out of Austin Texas, et al, who's known for being part of the 9/11 truth movement, and someone who believes the government is doing nefarious things. He's also the man behind infowars and prisonplanet.

geezus claws said...

I have to flip a coin to find out who's more of a moron ... Aunty Kate of Jesus Claus

Claus how typical that you would call a right winger a "typical right wing racist"

Let's take a look at "typical" left wing racists shall we:

George Wallace (D) Alabama - "I say segregation now, segregation forever" ... (and in the same speech) ... "I will never be outniggered again"

Former klansman Robert Byrd (D) West Virginia - "The Klan is needed today as never before and I am anxious to see its rebirth here in West Virginia" and "in every state in the Union." ... (and this little nugget) ... ""There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time."

Do I need to mention Franklin Delano Roosevelt (D) and his Japanese internment camps?

How about Jessie "Hymietown" Jackson

How about Senator Ernest Hollings, D-SC ... "You had wetbacks from California that came in here for Cranston," referring to one of his opponents, Alan Cranston."

If you need more just let me know. There's a very long list

As for you Aunty Kate .... Now that your bigotry for the South has shown through, let me remind you that Rodney King wasn't in the South.
Dan Rather isn't from the South (using anti-black racial epithets on a national radio broadcast)
Ex-House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt, former affiliate of a St. Louis area racist group isn't from the South
Al Sharpton isn't from the South.

You 2 Dumbasses better get your facts straight before you type

PS: Democrat opposition to the Civil Rights Act was substantial enough to literally split the party in two. A whopping 40% of the House Democrats VOTED AGAINST the Civil Rights Act, while 80% of Republicans SUPPORTED it.

Claus I already expect you to NOT respond chickenshit

Jesus Claus said...

geezus, this has already been covered in a previous post directed at kingkong62. The parties SWITCHED SIDES over civil rights, with racist Dixiecrats joining the Republicans in the South to continue their support for Jim Crow.

Don't you even know about Lee Atwater's Southern Strategy, the political ploy to use white hatred and suspicion of blacks for electoral advantage for Republicans? Your party INVENTED the current politico-racial divisions we see today. Ronald Reagan made his first national speech where 3 civil rights workers were lynched and talked about "state's rights" (a code word for Jim Crow).

The Republicans OF TODAY are the party of racism and division. If all you have is pointing to the Dems of the past, you really aren't living in the real world of today. Get a clue.

Jesus Claus said...

oh, and geezus, if you can't see the rancid nature of what Tn said in that room text, you really are delusional. And that is merely a sample of what you see everyday in the room. I could have picked any of a thousand similar blocks of text from pt conservatives to make the same point.

You're a bunch of sick racists, and you don't like being called out on it, so you obfuscate and try to bring up the past when what we're talking about is the racism of today, the legacy of racism that still exists, and the internet, which lets sociopaths like Tn vent how he TRULY feels anonymously.


geezus claws said...

Claus you're an even bigger moron than I thought
1: I wasn't addressing what tn said. I wasn't standing up for his position, nor defending him. All you have to do is READ son. I was addressing how YOU lumped everyone leaning to the right to be "typical right wing racists"
2: It never ceases to amaze me how every Paltalk lefty dates each event when you counter with facts. If you mention Clinton .... Oh that's OLD NEWS
If you mention Jessie Jackson's Hymietown comment ... Oh that's ancient history. Is Rev Wright's racist comments already outdated by your standards? What about Hillary's "landing under sniper fire"?
Tell you what Claus, Why don't YOU set the standard on this post. Draw a time line in the sand and tell us all how far back we can go to make a point. (Be careful because it might come back to bite you in the ass later)

Jesus Claus said...

What does Hillary Clinton claiming to have "landed under sniper fire" have to do with racism?


geezus claws said...

Absolutely nothing. I threw that one in because it was the news event of today March 25th, 2008

Timeline remember? Now draw the line please

Jesus Claus said...

Read the new post "SOUTHERN STRATEGY REDUX" That should answer your question.