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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I'm a woman who is proud of her femininity. I resent women who want to force me to be a man. I particularly resent women feminists who have accomplished NOTHING for women except for the right to vote and the right to wear a pantsuit and be a man. What about women who decide to be mothers? What has the feminist movement done for them? Work protections, guaranteed health care, free prenatal screenings and postnatal care? What about working mothers (thanks to Bill and Reagan for that) who have NO CHOICE but to leave their children at a daycare center (mass herding)? Help with daycare? Protections at work so they can be home at night? Nada! While some militant feminists got their Phd's and became CEO's so they could oppress other women instead of helping them, working class mothers were forced into economic slavery, which also resulted in many abortions (with lasting psychological damage afterwards). All these things are conveniently ignored by the vagina monologue militants.

I saw how true feminism can produce awesome results in Germany. Cabinet level ministry for women's affairs and family. Workplace protection for pregnant women, guaranteed health care for the pregnant and the newborn, retirement credit for years of motherhood, the list goes on and on! Now you tell me, I have to support a militant male-wannabe who has done nothing for women in all of her 35 years but exploit legitimate grievances of women to advance her own hunger for power?
A strong woman is in touch with her femininity. Wisdom (Sophia) is the ancient symbol for womanhood. Woman is more than a man in a dress: woman is wisdom, love, clarity, compassion, nurturing, and LIFE.

Woman is not a man, and a woman who is out to prove to the world that she is more of a man, is as dangerous as Bush, who was out to prove to the world that he is tougher than his dad! As reference, I'd like to add that there are currently two fabulous women in high offices: Germany's Angela Merkel and New Zealand's Helen Clark. Strong women who are great diplomats, great role models for women and who show great wisdom and compassion in their leadership. If you want a woman in high office, please don't look for a woman who acts like the worst male abuser. Look for a woman who represents womanhood in the most positive ways.

We already experienced what it is like to have a psychologically ill president; I hope we don't have to experience another one.


Jane said...

HERE HERE!!! NOW lost all credibility with me when they oddly stood silent during the MANY Clinton sex scandals.

IsabellaSays said...

tosca... so so true... nothing worse than the feminazi who can spit further than a guy..
there are a few on paltalk lol

i feel the same way you do-- i love my femininity :)

i would never support clinton because she DOES abuse the same as a man --no thx
excellent article, and btw?.. great font size:)

Carmen_ said...

Kudos. It's good to know I'm not the only one who sees those "feminists" as wannabe men.

WorthyOfUrAttn said...

Right you are :-) I love being a woman, and within that femenine.

There is an office and a call within this institution and usurping authority over or, mimicking a man was never the agenda. We have made great strides as femenine women without these bells and whistles.

If Hillary is elected, she should call her next book "Unatural Disaster".

Anonymous said...

well said tosca. I think the liberal feminists have done a lot to sell out women and their rights for superficial measures of equality. There are many different types of feminists that I know who continue to cherish motherhood, love their men, and do not want to burn a bra. I don't want to burn mine. Bras are too damn expensive. But the feminists that I know actually are pretty pissed off that this "equality" talk just have not given the kind of equality of personhood that feminism wants to strive for.


cLumpmeister said...

Inspired words Tosca! kudos/laurels/hi praise...make leaflets and mail them to congress! thx ;)

Anonymous said...

true very true I do agree if we were to choose women leaders it has to be for their abilities as women to lead and provide solution utilizing feminine disposition; healer rather than warriors, soft spoken diplomatic rather than confrontational. modern history has many women heads of states whose sucsses was because they kept their feminine nature. In addition to Merkel & Clark there is Mary Robinson of Ireland, Akino of The Philipines among other women leaders they did not feel the need to be men-like, to do what used to be mens job. I much rather prefer Merkel ,Clark , Akino , Hassiba , Robinson & Tansu Iller over ugly mean spirited confrontational and nothing more than a man in a skirt. I refer to group of women leaders Hillary belongs to Margeret Thatcher , Golda Maier cold mean spirited and violent. The world would have been better off had their mothers execercised " woman choice "

Anonymous said...

Formidable tosca!

Many women seem to forget about the homemakers, the nuturers. A woman doesn't need to be seen as a 'buddy', they need to be seen as a human being, an equal. We cannot lose touch with our femininity, just to be heard. Well done tosca, excellent words.


AUNTY KATE said...

This blog is somewhat disjointed. On the one hand the blogger says:

"I particularly resent women feminists who have accomplished NOTHING for women except for the right to vote"

Then she applauds strong female leaders like Angela Merkle and Helen Carter as being standouts and role models for other woman and I would agree. I would also include Cory Aquino of the Philippine's, the late Benazir Bhutto and a host of amazing women who fight through the glass ceilings of entrenched patriarchy.

However, to discount the fight of the Women's Liberation movements to organizations that gave women "the right to wear a pantsuit and be a man" is to trivialize over 150 years of dedication on the part of many great women who never went forward to the fame and glory of Angela Merkl or Helen Carter.

The blogger is also leaving out broad employment for women at more equitable wages ("equal pay for equal work"); the right to initiate divorce proceedings and "no fault" divorce; and the right of women to make individual decision regarding pregnancy, including obtaining contraceptives and safe abortions; and many others.

The achievements of the Women's Liberation Movements around the world vary from country to country, but I applaud the work of the sisters who went before me, without their dedicated struggle the Blogger would not have the personal freedoms she and all women in the west enjoy today.

Individual opportunists like Hillary Clinton deserve the criticisms leveled at them but to say that "women feminists have accomplished NOTHING for women except for the right to vote and the right to wear a pantsuit and be a man." Is laughable.

To the blogger I would suggest that she starts her education with Germaine Greer's "Female Eunuch"

AUNTY KATE said...

Correction to my lat post. Of course I meant Helen Clark Prime Minister of New Zealand. I often confuse her name with Helen Carter, another great woman, and fighter for women's rights and freedoms.

Carmen_ said...

Kate misses the point yet another time. All those things are covered in her comments about "true feminism." But I guess you stopped reading when you found something you could nag about.

Tosca said...

Carmen,it was my fault. I should have made it clearer so even the narrow minded can understand. I'll sum it up for easier comprehension:

AMERICAN feminists have achieved nothing in COMPARISON with true feminism elsewhere, specifically Germany and other countries. The specific examples and questions were stated to highlight those shortcomings.

The adressees of this post were specifically AMERICAN feminists who support Hillary Clinton and who demand that women in the USA vote for her based on her gender and the rather insignificant 'accomplishments' of the AMERICAN feminist movement.

Gosh, those were alot of words. If it's not clear now, the author can only guess that there's little hope for the reader who's still
'out there' .

dennis the menace_1 said...

Women have come a long way.
But, it has always seemed to me that the problem is NOT with women, but, with MEN. If it weren't for the attitudes of most men - there would be no need for a 'feminist' movement.

Marie Curie, Rachel Carson, Sally Ride, Angelina Jolie, Amelia Earhart, and even Danica Patrick - all strong women who retained their femininity - the world would be less than it is if they had been required to stay at home in the kitchen . . .

I, for one, am glad they didn't.

It is interesting to me that the reverse problem doesn't exist . . . I can't imagine having to wear a dress, or be able to brew a good cup of coffee simply because WOMEN expected it of me. I would Never have made it through even a single year of wearing High Heels without killing myself !

The Truth is that none of us SHOULD have to live up to the expectations of ANYONE else - living up to Our OWN EXPECTATIONS of ourselves is difficult enough.

Good Post, Tosca ! Well said.

AUNTY KATE said...

Dennis: Nature knew what it was doing when it made you a man. Pity there are not more just like you.

The list of women around the world, including women in the USA who have achieved great things against strong opposition, from men and very often from other women, is considerable.

Personally I don't blame men in the USA for the fact that your women do seem to lag many western countries when it comes to attaining positions of power and leadership. If blame is to be laid it stays with the women. However, there is an inpressive list of American who have completely ignored the obstacles placed in front of them by men. For a woman to succeed in business in the USA, and you have a vast number of female CEO's, they need to be better and tougher than their male counterparts, and that does not mean tossing away the stilettos, in fact a nice pair of ankles has always been an asset.

If American women want a better deal they have to keep up the fight. Males in any society are not going to surrender their 'dominance' willingly.

AUNTY KATE said...


This was your opening paragraph, to which I responded.

"I'm a woman who is proud of her femininity. I resent women who want to force me to be a man. I particularly resent women feminists who have accomplished NOTHING for women except for the right to vote and the right to wear a pantsuit and be a man. What about women who decide to be mothers? What has the feminist movement done for them?

Thank you for clearing up the confusion that you were referring ONLY to Women's Liberation Movements in the USA. However, I would still disagree with you that all they have achieved is "right to vote and the right to wear a pantsuit and be a man."

I get it, you don't like Hillary Clinton, and you resent spokespeople from the Women's Rights Movement "demanding" that women vote for Hillary because she is a woman.

Well dear it is this simple, Hillary Clinton would use the devil if she thought it would get her elected. But you don't have yield to the demands of any group. You wear your dresses and feel as pretty as you like, and vote for whomever you please. I know I will.

Women's Liberation Movements have played a significant role in obtaining the freedoms that women in the USA take for granted today. But like all organizations they have extremists and moderates.

No one is forcing you or any other
American woman to do anything.

In fact, I am amazed that you are even bothering to get into this debate. For years you have been ridiculing people who still believed their vote mattered. How easy you have been influenced to join the pack.