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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sometimes I wonder what happens to the people who drop out of the chat rooms and are never heard from again. This morning I went afk for a few minutes. When I came back I saw this:

(9:58 AM) Beach7: Bush is Lying on CNN as we type

(9:58 AM) MS RUBY2: correct

(9:58 AM) sciurus: bush is breathing? then hes lying

(9:58 AM) tonesisalibertarian: yes I know

(9:58 AM) Classicmfree: I LOVE THIS WAR

No reason to wonder anymore. I'm quite sure what happens is they wind up in straight jackets.


WFG said...

You're not clear, to me, on the point you're trying to make. Is it the simple presentation of anti Bush sentiments? Classic's apparently contrasting comment? That the statements are anti Bush?

Carmen_ said...

Well it just seems funny that they all know he's lying and Classic says "I love this war." I guess you had to be there.

Anonymous said...

I think Carmen's real point was she's pissed she was afk for 3 seconds.
Carmen just buy some Depends so you won't miss a word of Pal