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Friday, March 07, 2008


Well, I had thought that kingkong62 was an educable conservative, one who might one day learn to feed himself without needing a bib, but I was sadly mistaken. Here is what he just said on mic:

kingkong62: "The Democrats are the party that started the KKK, that started slavery..."

Where does one begin to address such foolishness? And this is coming from someone who claims to be a black man, although clearly not a fully educated one. Now, no, I'm not about to tell you that the Democratic Party, especially the southern Democratic Party, was not the party of slavery, racism, and hateful violence. The KKK was indeed created by Nathan Bedford Forrest. Abraham Lincoln, a Republican president, freed the slaves. And southern Dems fought for Jim Crow well into the 60's.

But kingkong62, I cannot forgive you for your pitiable ignorance of the historic realignment that took place over the very issue of black civil rights. How can a modern black man think of himself as educated and know nothing of the Dixiecrats? How can you be ignorant of the vast defection of southern Democrats from the party over LBJ's signing the Civil Rights Act? Let me lay this out for you very slowly and carefully for you, so there is no misunderstanding:


And they did it over the very issue that you are trying to blame today's Democrats for. How is it you've never heard of Richard Nixon's famous Southern Strategy, a nefarious plan to exploit the native racism of southern whites newly converted to the Republican Party for electoral victory? I'm sorry, but you're going to have to do one of three things: either turn in your Official Black Person Membership Card, turn in your Official Conservative Membership Card, or dammit, turn in your Library Card, because you obviously have about as much use for it as a Republican male does with an adult, sexually available woman.