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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Only the facts from The Pratttler, no rumors or guesses, only hard, concrete & provable facts.

I'm sure everyone remembers LordMercifulVoo being banned from Mainstream Politics in Debate Central (MPiDC), as I'm as sure everyone has heard a rumor or two about who did it and why it was done. You no longer have to guess or wonder which rumor is fact and which aren't, thanks to me, The Pratttler.

Here are the facts:

1>Tucherb was the one to ban LordMercifulVoo

2>Tucherb was responsible for auntykate_1's leave of admin duties in MPiDC

3>LordMercifulVoo did offer Mainstream Politics to DommieGoddess

4>Auntykate_1 adminned fairly and was attacked for her association with LordMercifulVoo

5>MPiDC were informed by paltalk they could no longer use the name MPiDC

6>MPiDC is now once again Debate Central

7>Tucherb is a lover scorned and wanted to settle the score

8> Bobby Boom Boom McGee is super admin in Debate Central to try to keep it going

9>DommieGoddess said she will never return

10>S_LINK90 is loving it and spreading rumors galore

I know you want proof, after all I said provable facts. How to prove this, what a derisory situation I've put myself in...

Yes, I'm fooling you, here is the audio between LordMercifulVoo and tucherb, I think it will speak for itself:

(this is only part one, a teaser if you will.)

That isn't all, do you really think The Pratttler would leave you hanging like that?

Here you can listen to part two, hear how Tucherb accuses LordMercifulVoo of closing down DommieGoddess room when it was meritman

Part Three can't be missed, Tucherb tells us all how he feels about LordMercifulVoo and proves men hold grudges much longer than women

Part Four it really gets luscious as DommieGoddess enters the conversation

And best of all the end, shows LordMercifulVoo can and does apologize when he is in the wrong and how Tucherb became a scorned lover.

Isn't that a wonderful way for LordMercifulVoo to be repaid for his compassion for DommieGoddess when she was being attacked by S_LINK90, LittleBitNotAlot & abby_1312? You don't believe me, The Pratttler!?! Again you want proof? What ever happened to trust? Proof is what you want, proof is what you will get:

LordMercifulVoo: Dommie is in private and crying.

LordMercifulVoo: She didn't know that Slink would talk about her like this.

LordMercifulVoo: She didn't think that Slink would do this.

LordMercifulVoo: She is crying.

LordMercifulVoo: She didn't think that Slink would do this.

LordMercifulVoo: He is an underhanded son of a bitch!

LordMercifulVoo: Slink is like that

LordMercifulVoo: He betrayed her.

LordMercifulVoo: He said I betrayed her.

LordMercifulVoo: Dommie said I could return and admin anytime I wanted after I gave up the hat.

LordMercifulVoo: I honestly did not want to share that tape with Dommie.

LordMercifulVoo: I wouldn't have been a friend if I didn't.

LordMercifulVoo: Share the tape.

LordMercifulVoo: His [S_Link90] ass should be exposed.

I guess in paltalk rooms, as in politics 'There are no permanent friends'.

To Be Continued (teaser: Carmen_ is involved)

The Pratttler


bigmac_2008 said...

VOO should run the room, he is much better than DOMMIECUNTESS.
DOMMIECUNT was ONLY here to be an 'owner'. She is a fucking evil cunt. And TUCHERB is mentally ill.

AUNTY KATE said...

Dear Pratter, one small, but important correction, not that I wish to defend TuchTurd, but he didn't take my hat, I told him to shove it up his arse. Then he banned me. Voo objected to the ban, and then he was banned. Small mind and silly deeds.

As for the comment from BigMac, every time he opens his mouth he raises more suspicions that Voo gave this cretin a hat purely for the drama value.

AUNTY KATE said...

PS Prattler, ty for the acknowledgment that I admined fairly.

I never paid the idiots any mind that claimed I was bouncing people unfairly. What people who have not run rooms don't realise is that the room owner gets a LOG of room activity. Lord Voo KNEW that I was NOT bouncing people, and in fact said that the log showed me to have the most minimal number of bounces. And given that I spent more time in his room admining than even he did, that was not a bad effort.

The Pratttler said...

aunty kate, why I didn't say your hat was taken away but that you were attacked from your association with LordMercifulVoo.

Now I'm The Pratttler and will call them as I see them. I have seen many admins come and go and you are one of the few fair ones.

The Pratttler said...

bigmouth, oppps I mean bigmac too bad LordMercifulVoo doesn't know all the things you say behind his back, but trust me The Pratttler will let him know.

The Pratttler said...

I see I made a mistake aunty kate. I should have explain it better, I know that Tucherb was one that was always complaining about you, and he was directly behind the movement to have you banned from Debate Center before all the drama began.

Anonymous said...

Well this is funny Voo was banned for being a screaming jackass. end of story. as for voos claims that "conservative" admins left dommies room is also false just go look at the admins. LMAO dawg is conservative? lola? nuturf? Well? most of the admins in the room left dommie because after the monkey on meth got booted from dommies room for being a disruptive screaming jackass dommie gave him the admin code to come back then denied doing so. so of course the admins left the bitch stabbed them all in the back.
And tucherb is 100% correct voo cannot handle not being able to scream and yell and berate people and carry on like a jackass without regualtion he is like a spoiled little kid.
Voo is nothing but hot air bores the shit out of me personnaly.
So now voo has place to rant and rave all he wants.
Voo has been talking about opening a room for a long time it is close to election time and voo wants to be the star of the show, it is this simple if you like listening to a monkey on meth go listen to him If you like rational adult discussion there are 2 other great rooms to visit.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask this? Who does all this drama revolve around?' '< insert you guess here,hint, its a loudmouth jerkoff. and when you listen to the tapes here you clearly hear that cunt dommie admit she backstabbed her admins but could not blubber the reason out other than "little can be" but never elaborates and it is also funny that most as in 90% of dommies former admins far from just the "consrvative" admins as claimed by the baby vooletta left. dommie has a long history of using her admins to do her dirty work. Dommie told admins they dont have to take voos shit. then when they boot him and he cries to her she acts all innocent and gives him the code. Then she lies to her admins as says she doesnt know how he got in.When she now admits she gave him the code after telling the admins they did not have to take voos shit.
I knew dommies games would catch up to her and they did. No more owning rooms for dommie.LOL
Dommie should not own rooms anyway she knows nothing about politics. never adds to a discussion. In all reality dommie was the worst admin in the room the bitch always dotted people for personal reasons and took the mic to scream and yell dumb shit. So imo fuck dommie i am glad her reign on social issues is over, and fuck voo he is nothing but a barking jackass who is so desperate for attention its not even funny. sad little boy needs constant validation.
So now dommie claims to be off paltalk but is really sneaking around under the nic happy_584 what stupid cunt give it up dommie its over so just fuck off.
Voo will continue to try to feed his ego by begging the african american section to come to his room most so he can have high numbers. most of the nics in his room are new to social issues, most regulars are in 2-way or arwens room neither of which really cares for voo so this has been a blessing for paltalks social issues.
All in all this worked out great THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!
And just for claification I also heard voo talk about opening his room for months Slink may have said dommie is a fat bitch on that tape he never mentions another room. and what did slink do to fuck the room up? nothing, voo is at the center of the drama as usual. I am just glad he did open his own room we now see alot less of him in the room i like to chat in.most agree

Mitsuk said...

Prattler: Why have you waited SO LONG to write about all this? I think it is time to MOVE ON!!
Dommie has left paltalk... let her go, I am sure she has moved on with her life... leave her be dammit!

Anonymous said...

At 11:35 AM Mitsuk said...

"Prattler: Why have you waited SO LONG to write about all this? I think it is time to MOVE ON!!
Dommie has left paltalk... let her go, I am sure she has moved on with her life... leave her be dammit!"

Incorrect, Dummie is hiding out in PT as happy_854.

Mitsuk said...

Prattler: Um, ok lol. Are you the Social Issues God or something? Where are you getting this stuff?

Jesus Claus said...

Do you notice that Voo types like he's banging on the keys with a ballpeen hammer?


Anonymous said...

voo aka prattler, you should get an extra supply of anal gel because kate is crawling up your ass - or is it vice versa?

she can't admin fairly nor discretely. never has and never will

the tapes are irrelevant and boring
all but two people have moved on with their lives: voo and kate

why do you have the need to always be center of attention? your drama is getting old and boring, please go to another program

Anonymous said...

Clause you're his protege. You dare talk about your master? bater

zipperdedoodah said...

I love Paltalk drama! lol