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Sunday, March 30, 2008


Tn_Pokerstars_Player78 is goi...glub...glub...glub

I love it when people can't even manage to render simple idioms correctly:

Tn_Pokerstars_Player78: you kids play nice...the retards are running
victoria_atmosphere: rampant i think is what you meant tn
victoria_atmosphere: not rapid

Although, maybe, and this is an interesting mental image, he is thinking of a white water raft with him and a bunch of his friends (wolfchat, frantically sucking his own toes; lordhawhawhaw, taking in lungsful of water from guffawing; drclean frantically bailing out water) in their yellow puffy life vests barreling down the Colorado River, laughing hysterically as they plummet over a waterfall. Republican retards on the rapids. Yeah, I can see it now...



Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, that look like a rescue training exercise

Anonymous said...

He is too damn lazy and dumb to own a raft

geezus claws said...

So that's all this blog is? Gossip and fantasy about other chatters you don't like and want a little cheap shot revenge? Scared to tackle real issues are we? I don't know this Tn guy, but it seems like a waste of bandwith to play this game.
This is just like Voo's room, "All hate and no debate"

AUNTY KATE said...

Stumbled to my Dorm, hot, tired and almost out of good humour, when I saw this, I am still laughing. TY JC you are a lifesaver.