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Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm not sure if any of us know what Voo was thinking when he gave a hat to sillyfandango. Let me tell you what just happened in the new Mainstream Politics.

peacelover was on the mic, talking as he usually does about the illegal and immoral Iraq war, about the 1.2 million Iraqi deaths, about the atrociously high suicide rate of our returning soldiers, and about the torture being committed in our name. At that moment at least 2 hands were up, including Buddy_Romance's, another admin. Without warning, sillyfandango jumped the mic line, and proceeded to blast peacelover. auntykate_1 was also in the room as an admin, and she dotted sillyfandango, to try and return the lijne to some sense of normalcy. That is when the furious dotting war between silly and kate began.

Kate got disgusted and left the room, but both leilani_helepololei2003 and calliekittyinator_3 were so incensed that they began excoriating silly, and threatening to speak with Voo about her awful behavior. Quick as you please, both leilani and callie were being bounced. Other admins of course let them back in, but sillyfandango bounced them at least a few more times.

On top of all this, sillyfandango was advocating torture and escalation in Iraq, continually jumping the mic line, blathering away in her deep-south hillbilly accent. Then, all of a sudden, the room closes. Like a curtain coming down on a gory drama.

At this moment, Voo is being told by auntykate_1 and others exactly what happened with this lunatic. I think everything is gonna be ok...

Wait, I spoke too soon. silly was just back in the room as vegetarian fascist, defending herself to Voo and the room, when auntykate_1 bounced her. Voo is a little annoyed at not being able to hear silly's side of the story, but he admits he was wrong to trust sillyfandango with a hat. Now silly can go back to sucking down the smoked oxycontin in her trailer.



Anonymous said...

what was he thinking? you'd think that a guy with his education and years on paltalk would be able to make a wiser decision as to who he would trust with this room. But maybe he did!
She's one of those loony rightwing gun-toting hillbillies who scream and threaten to kill 'illeeeegals'. He just loves those kind of wackos. I'm not surprised she was admin. It just proves what he is really about.

show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are..

nuff said

Jesus Claus said...

Well, Voo was suitably chastened for his poor decision, and he apologized to the roomies. So I guess no real harm done.


AUNTY KATE said...

Will the regular chatters in Mainstream Politics ever forget the shock of hearing the newest Admin in the room,Sillyfandango, screaming into the mic "torture is ok!" and "any Iraqi who kills an American soldier deserves to be dragged onto the street with his whole family and cut to pieces" What the fuck do they put into that Moonshine south of the Dixie?

It took every ounce of self control I could muster to let this lunatic finish her rant, which left people in the room almost speechless with shock. Buddy was next to take the mic and I was about to send an IM to that crazy bitch, when she strung at the mic again, knocking a 6'4" ex USMC on his arse. SillyFandango, who would be better named, Miss Abu Graib 2008, was not done with listing the people she wanted to see DIEEEE! and the gory ways in which she would be happy to extract the entails.

It would appear that a short time before midnight and some fool fed this 'thing' turned from a sweet southern bell who briefly entertained us, and particularly impressed Buddy Romance with a fine set of vocal chords, into a flesh eating creature, dripping with blood and saliva after a fresh kill.

I tell you dear Rattlers having spent sometime in the Aussie outback I don't have a weak constitution, but I was more than a little pleased to have 17 K of blue ocean between myself and this visitor from another galaxy. And to think you guys fret over a few million illegal Mexicans.

Voo was placed into the stocks by the room regulars and pelted with rotten fruit. He took his beating like a man for having thought that the room would need the kind of drama this lunatic could provide. We already have Miss Worthy, of no one's attention. Who on her good days, when PMS, or that ache in her 'nether regions' has been dealt with and she appears to act less like a bitch on heat and more like a human being, she can even make the odd contribution to the chat.

As for your post NUFF SAID, your gutless anonymous posting does say it all. One thing that can never be said of Lord Voo, he is not a coward, if he has something to say he says it to your face.

Sillyfandango said...

In regards to the events set off by kate's reddotting my views on "torture" for those who torture our soldiers in Iraqi, I must say the hunger for blood is so great in that room, I feel most would make great little facist liberal mercenaries. Anyone in there needing a change in occupation should seriously think about taking up the occupation.
Anytime one has to make up lies to substantiate their own bad behavior, they've already lost whatever principles in this life they've managed to gather. To me, this is tragic.

In regards to jumping buddy, everyone jumped him cos he wasn't speaking on the mic. Buddy if you're the person I feel you truly are, you will tell voo this yourself. Funny how kate decided to play the role of dictator when voo was not around??? Isn't that calculating of the old girl?

Some people never listen for statements and ideals; they search for cannon fodder in single words to use as their ammunition for personal attacks. Then we wonder why we're in the mess we are today.

I make no appologies as I was in the right. Next time kate, try to listen to what is being said as opposed to searching for single words like "torture" by which to sharpen your blade. I'd like to think you were better than that sort of behavior.

Now voo, you could have asked me, knowing the feeding frenzy herds of nasty chatters can sometimes have, to see what happened from my point of view, as opposed to listening to one side. I thought you were an attorney? Isn't that your moral's seek out truth? Shouldn't it be?

Now I want you all to think about the poor soldiers out there doomed to be targets and very little can they do in terms of retaliation. Tell me, is that what you really want? Look at your family members, the young men and woman you've seen grow up from infancy only to be at the mercy of some crazed group of factioned terrorists as their last memories in this life. Is it fair? Is it right they should sacrifice all and get nothing but "Poor Iraqis" uttered by their fellow Americans tucked safely in their own country, protected by their own blood? Can you hear their cries? Does their impassioned attempts to be treated fairly go on blind ears?

Sure we should never have gone over there, but it's too late now. You either fight to win, or you lie (hahaha) complacently to lose, but it's lives your loseing not just a small piece of your souls go with it.

You didn't listen to my words sung in unison. You only wanted blood. Why is that? Was it just a personal attack filled by the lustful hate you have for a single word? Are you people that cruel, blind, insensitive and lost?

The freedom train you're riding on is just a means to an end; unless you care about true justice, you scream out in pretend....Living isn't for the weak of heart...How strong is your faith?

Jesus Claus said...

silly, I'm sorry ifg your morals are conditional, but for most of us, torture is wrong no matter who does it. Nothing that happens to our soldiers justifies what happens in Gitmo or CIA black sites around the world.

If you're going to have morals, they have to apply all the time, not just when it's convenient for you. And they certainly shouldn't be shunted aside because of anger. Then you are no better than the enemy you want us to hate so much.