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Monday, March 31, 2008


Anyone who has spent time in Mainstream for the past few weeks is intimately familiar with a troll named trg33813. trg does not now and has not had an original thought in his head since Nixon lost to Kennedy. All he is able to do is cut and paste the same set of tired old diatribes against Barack Obama and extolling John McCain. He frequently honors McCain as a POW war hero while vilifying Obama as a "Left wing extremist." So it was with great amusement that I saw the following paste splattered out from the tremulous fingers of trg:

trg33813: Left wing extremist John McCain withstood attacks for 2000 days as a Prison of War, during his capture he spend two of his five and half years in solitary confinement because he wouldn't let the Vietnamese let him go home early as a propaganda stunt....

That's an exact quote, my friends, and all the evidence you need to know that trg is merely cutting and pasting his words from some other document, probably a wordpad he has set up with his worthless scribblings transcribed for ease of posting. Looks like the fool got his wires crossed this time. Unless, of course, he is finally admitting what much of his party already knows, that McCain is so liberal, and such a traitor to his party that he was considering being John Kerry's running mate in 2004. Or how about McCain's flip flops on immigration? And would you call it "left wing extremist" or just "lame brained dementia" that he has been corrected on several occasions by both Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel because he does not seem to know who the enemy we are fighting in Iraq actually is? Maybe I'm wrong, maybe trg is beginning to have his doubts about McCain as well...



geezus claws said...

As much as you Vooites like blaming the current President and the future Presidential hopefuls about their stand on immigration, you best be covering your Democratic flank. Closed door deals have just been negotiated and it doesn't look good. And guess what ..... it was all done by YOUR Democratic buddies in the house. Pedro Pelosi in charge. I know how you love blaming Republicans for everything, but S 2611 (immigration reform act) only had 4 Democrats that voted NO. Only FOUR voted NO !!! That's an outrage. A clear majority of Republicans voted NO, but that couldn't stop the Democrat onslaught. It will be up soon and the Dems will pass it yet again.
The real culprit isn't who will be in the west wing, it's who's on capital hill